Monday, 12 April 2021

Who we are

Italian Legal Person , with registered office i Depositi domiciled in Fondi (04,022), Via CNS Goffa part Iannotta Loc frazione Idrovora Iva 00551460595, founded and incorporated on July 10, 1979.
Registered in the Italian Chamber of Commerce , the Register delle Imprese di LATINA inscribed in the economic administrative code (REA) No. 58212, above di iscrizione number LT-1997-128261 dated 22/08/1997 iscrizione.
Purpose: di fruit and ortaggi all'ingrosso freschi or conservati

In mid-1979, born AGRO VERDE SAS . All these years of industry experience have enabled us to identify the basic needs of our customers, and even anticipate them, being our main objective to be innovative and be constantly abreast of changes and habits. What is for us a stimulus that encourages us to improve permanently.

Since our launch we have been dedicated and have made ​​every effort to offer our customers the highest product quality, service and speed. These three keys have played an important role in the consolidation of our company in the sector.

The result of that will, we qualified our activity with the most innovative, responding efficiently to the most exacting demands of the market, and getting our value to our management, a modern, updated and ahead of the sector.