Friday, 14 May 2021

What we do

Our organization's main objective, the importation of European and South American product. We present also in the production areas and regions most important in Spain and Italy.

Our team consists of a group of employees and specialists with high professional skills and extensive industry experience hortofrtutícolas product, which allows us, among others, to keep our customers informed of the changing market situations and at all times, optimizing market opportunities in each case.

Our main motto is to satisfy the large surface marueco GDO in highly competitive offering fresh products, and transparency in the information market developments estuary.

Our goal is the struggle and dedication to get the best results in meeting the requests of our customers, either in quality, as well as the freshness of them.

Also, within our scope, surveillance is strict adherence to quality standards in accordance with current regulations. And in production areas where we operate, are approved in the systems of quality control and traceability with efficient operation of the quality and management standards according to ISO 9001, using as a fundamental tool traceability, management implicit in the system of Hazard Analysis and Critical Points (HACCP) which aims to reduce the hazards associated with the marketing of dietary origin. That definitely calls such monitoring and identification of those under the responsibility of individual operators.

We have a capable logistics management, and thanks to the evolution of the same in recent years to address the supply of small quantities of efficiently and quickly, by bulking system.