Sunday, 25 September 2022

What do we do?

The main objective of our organization, among others, mediation and counseling in the horticulture sector. We operate in auctions and in areas and regions of production the most important of Spain, Morocco and Italy. Our team consists of a group of employees and specialists of high professional skills and extensive experience in the fruit and vegetables that allows us, among other things, to keep our clients informed of developments in the market and at any time by optimizing market opportunities in each case.

Our main motto is to satisfy the needs of our customers by offering highly competitive products and cost and transparency of information and advice. Our goal is to get the best results in meeting the demands of our customers, both in quality and freshness.

In addition, and within our reach, our priority is alertness to compliance with strict quality standards in accordance with the regulations. However, both at auction and in production areas where we operate, are approved in the systems of quality control and traceability for efficient quality standards and management in accordance with ISO 9001, using as an essential tool for tracking, managing implicit in the system of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (APPCC), which aims to reduce the hazards associated with the commercialization of foodborne undoubtedly require monitoring and identification of produced under the responsibility of individual operators.

We rely on a logistics management ability, and with the evolution of the same in recent years to ensure the supply of small quantities of quickly and efficiently, through a grouping system that allows us to be present in several European markets.