Sunday, 25 September 2022

Who we are?

Pannone Grup is in collaboration with various companies and organizations from several European countries as well as Morocco, to respond effectively to challenges in the field of international export in order to improve the quality and service.

It consists of a group of colleagues and specialists who have the skills to:

  • Valuing-effectively managing the activities of commercial agents in fruit.
  • In-practice management of financial and economic situation and control the quality through product traceability and logistics for export.
  • To analyze the financial and economic situation of our secured credit portfolios of our clients to ensure billing for its suppliers.

It works in an operative, effectif manner in order to meet ISO 9001 standards with great skill, professionalism and discretion.

It has the hability to support, client management in procurement decisions in the field of export.

It has the ability to provide proper support for commercial and technical customers.

A determination to achieve meaningful and lasting results for their clients.